Friday, January 6, 2012

Synergy In a Group Basics

A lot of research has been done to ascertain the influences and effectives of a small task performing group for the successful execution of an endeavor. The collaboration is measure against the individual style work method and the analysis shown is rather positive in nature.

In most cases if was found that working together allows for the pooling of ideas, heightened performance and efforts, more comprehensive judgment making , decision making, problem solving and many other beneficial and cost saving processes.

The assessment of the synergy element is the dominating factor as it denotes the objective of ascertaining the effectiveness in the performance of each individual within the realm of group interaction.

This also helps to adequately identify the weaknesses and strengths in the synergy when the performance gains momentum at different stages of the endeavor.

When this weak or strong synergy is identified then the relevant adjustments can be made to keep the endeavor on track. These adjustments which are mainly derived out of the assessments of the synergy can then produce the platform necessary to direct the synergy as and when needed for the benefit of all involved within the group exercise.

The importance of identifying this synergy element should be underestimated as the smooth functioning of all the various contributors is the results sought that cannot otherwise be attained on an individual basis.

Therefore when working with several personalities the synergy must be complimenting in order to be effective.

Within any business application this synergy identification is important as it contributes to the overall success of the project in terms of time and cost effectiveness, as opposed to working individually to attain the same results.

Everyone’s View Counts

For the purpose of effectiveness within the working group, the synergy elements must be correctly identified. When this is done then and only then can the individual begin to work effective and successfully together, though this is by no means a full proof scenario.

The idea behind this particular exercise is to ensure the best possible characteristics are matched to achieve the common goal, therefore creating the environment for a higher percentage of success.

The synergy element if properly identified will then justify the various individual being blended together to form the group. However in doing so, it should not be presumed that any and all ideas and suggestions should be simply accepted and used.

Here in lies the effectiveness of the synergy element whereby each individual within the established group is expected to and in fact required to constantly and actively participate in the endeavor at every stage of its progress.

Questioning ideas and styles should not cause any concern or friction within the group as the people chosen to work together are identified with the synergy method.

Being able to express concerns, ideas, reservations, and disagreements are all part of the progressive process towards the final goal. When the general tone of acceptance is well established, the individuals will not feel threatened or pressured to conform to the general direction of the group but instead have the confidence and assurance that each individual view will be respected as a vital contribution.

No matter how contradicting an individual’s view point maybe, it should be given due consideration as any new ideas and views may bring fresh insight to producing better results. This again reflects on and is only made possible if the correct synergy assessment has been done before the very onset of the project.