Friday, January 6, 2012

The Importance Of Learning From Your Encounter

An essential part of self improvement is learning from the various encounters one is exposed to on a daily basis. Several positive attributes can be derived from these encounters which can be successfully applied in future similar situations.

This is mainly because some idea of possible outcomes are already learnt, seen or experienced. Essentially the experience only becomes beneficial if something has been learnt from the encounter.

Below are just some of the elements that can be learnt and then applied in any future circumstances to ensure better outcomes.

* When one is able to learn to apologies and yet retain some semblance of dignity, previous encounters that could have benefitted from this reaction will now be looked upon as a good learning curve.

* Learning to adjust one’s expectations based on previous encounters will allow the individual to better relate to other people with certain shortcomings. It will also enable to individual to control the urge to be a perfectionist and expect the same from those around.

* Understanding the whys and hows from past encounters also keeps the individual from making the same mistakes. However if the mistake is repeated than the individual is better equipped to deal with the situation and its consequences.

* Learning from past encounters is also a great way of turning an unpleasant experience into a workable and perhaps even beneficial opportunity. The wisdom gained from the encounter will give the individual the edge needed to take better calculated risks if the need arises.