Friday, January 6, 2012

4 Tips to Master The Art of Persuasion

One of the skills worth knowing and exercising is the art of persuasion. There are several tactics, formats or ideas that can be successfully applied to master the art of persuasion and here are just a few of them:

* Starting out with an understanding approach or attitude is perhaps one of the better ways of putting the other party at ease immediately. Being seen as relating to their predicament helps to build the platform of comfortable acceptance and openness. Reflecting some of the characteristics of the other party also helps to build trust as then the sense of really understanding is perceived.

* Providing an atmosphere that is both friendly and inviting is also another good way to increase the percentage of successful persuasion. Little things like making sincere compliments can sometimes be the extra ingredient that makes the persuasion technique more believable. People who feel worthy often are more willing to go the extra mile to please.

* Being able to provide compelling and substantiated evidence certainly elevates the chances of successfully persuading someone to do anything. Making sure of course that the evidence or claims is verifiable thus also ensuring a good and bankable reputation in the process.

* Providing practical guidelines and plausible solutions also helps the persuasive argument to gain support. When designing proposals that need persuasive arguments, ensure that all
material linked to the argument are well prepared and error proof. Being well prepare is always an admirable quality and definitely a good persuasion tool. Confidence is also another quality that goes well when using the persuasion technique. A confident person is taken seriously and respected for his or her opinions.