Friday, January 6, 2012

Empathize And Identify With Who you Are Speaking To

Being able to empathize and identify with people one is interacting with, usually provides the much needed edge to take the interaction to the next stage. Even being perceived as doing so has its advantages. Most relationships and interactions especially in the business world come with some level of reservations and guardedness. Therefore it is important to be able to shown the characteristic often and well.

There are several advantages to being able to empathize or identify with others and some of them are depicted below:

* By showing a little empathy towards others, the individual is able to gain the confidence and warmth that may be needed to enlist the help of others easily and effectively. When people
are able to comfortably identify with others they are more likely to go along with suggestions and be more helpful in any given situation. Work becomes more productive and better in quality too.

* Using empathy usually requires some level of love and warmth and this trait is highly respected and always sought after. People are more willing to be associated with individuals who have this quality. Team leaders are especially successful when they are able to portray some levels of showing empathy as this gives the impression of being able to identify on some level with what the other person maybe going through.

* The working environment also becomes less threatening and hostile and instead more conducive when some levels of empathy are clearly present. Individuals are more likely to voice their concerns and at the other end of the spectrum are also able to relate better to the concerns being brought up, rather than simply disregarding everything that is deemed inconsequential or unrelated.

* Personal gains are put on hold for the betterment of others when an individual is able to experience empathy from being able to relate better to the unfortunate situation at hand.