Thursday, February 23, 2012

Are Learning Organizations Helpful?

Are learning organizations the new wave of the future or this theory is going to fail like other industrial and management whim? It depends upon an organization’s readiness to commit the time and vigor to transform its conduct. Before digging into the aspect of altering organizational behavior it is pertinent to know what a learning organization is and what are the disciplines incorporated. The most significant is individual mastery which is the ability to constantly clarify personal vision, focus on energies, build up patience and see reality impartially. Team learning is an essential part of learning to focus on professional growth which involves thinking and learning collectively in an organization. Systematic thinking emphasizes upon the inter-relationships within an organization and looking on the whole rather than in individual units.

Working with mental models is another discipline of learning organizations which involves evolving and examining innovative suppositions. By building a common vision, and holding a collective picture of the future, an organization realizes the worth of focus and the faculty to meet that dream. A learning organization may start at the team level and extend the skills of factual dialogue to lead to integrated team learning. The employees of an organization will always focus on the desired prospects rather than looking back on the past and trying to fix it. That is why it is rightly said that learning organizations are frontward looking and contribute in every possible way to help their employees to learn to focus for sharp success.

The core assumptions and shared vision encourage the employees to try out new ideas and stress on their psychological progress for a continuous and hassle-free path to success. When you start a new business you can either choose to win or lose. Your commercial fate is entirely in your hands and nothing will work with you if you do not trust your wits and the people working for you. Learning organizations often choose to conduct brainstorming sessions for their employees for teaching them the techniques of mind control and self-confidence. Successful people have visualization and focus and the similar exercise goes for professionals who are engaged to turn the seed brought by the business proprietor into a flourishing tree! Have you ever thought, how does that happen? Despite temporary setbacks, how a learning organization does manage to keep its vision intact and defeat is never eternal. Building a creative business needs a plan and perseverance to carry it with a team with diverse levels of ingenuity and deliberation.