Friday, January 6, 2012

Know How To Pick Your Battles

Often people instinctively feel the need to fight and win every battle, big or small daily. This is not only exhausting but can be so stressful that they inadvertently forget to enjoy life in general.

Every now and then, everyone should learn to make a conscious effort take a step back and examine the need to address every battle and understand that it is not always wise or necessary to get involved, and that walking away may just be a better solution. Learning to wisely discern which battle to fight is explored in the following points:

* Patience – often a virtue most people are unable to master. Though it has been popularly noted that older or more experienced individual are better able to exercise this virtue when it comes to the question of choosing the battles to fight. When patience is exercised, things may be worked out without actually having to participate in any “battle”.

* Learning to be more accepting and letting go of rigid mindsets allows an individual the freedom of not having to be judgmental and easily provoked. Because of this more accommodative mindset, some battles are easier to overlook and thus reducing the constant need to control everything.

* Avoid getting involved in matters that either doesn’t concern the individual or where the individual’s knowledge is limited. Getting involved when ill equipped only brings about confusion and problems that eventually make an originally small matter become something that is blown out of proportion.

* Weight all possible repercussions and consequences before taking on any battle. Without doing this simple yet extremely important and beneficial exercise, the individual may find that the battle is all consuming and damaging both mentally and physically and may be even financially unsound.

* Questioning the intention and merits of getting involved in the battle is also advised before actually embarking on what may well be a useless waste of time and effort.