Friday, January 6, 2012

How to Affirm And Encourage Individual Skills

A wise team leader understands the importance of acknowledging good skills and hard work of any individual. This can be the single most important factor when it comes to getting the best out of anyone. When people are appreciated and noticed, their inner self feels the need to further excel in whatever they pursue.

There are several ways of showing affirmation and encouragement. Some maybe more proactive than others, but the important thing is not in how it is acknowledged but that it is acknowledged. Examples of affirmation and encouragement may take the form of a simple pat on the back or as dramatic as a public accreditation.

Each should be done in a style that is befitting to the receiver and the acknowledged issue. Encouraging personal and professional growth can be done through this exercise as pointed out earlier; most people will want to work harder and more effectively if their efforts are recognized periodically.

Encouraging individual within the team to heighten their performance levels to create possible growth opportunities is also encouraging for the advancement of their careers and general well being.

Encouraging individual to further fine tune their existing skills not only benefits the individual but also the group performance and the company.

Understanding each individual’s capabilities and skills also helps the team leader better delegate the work load towards the most suitable candidates as opposed to simply and randomly allotting assignments.

Most individuals look upon this consideration as a sign of acknowledgment and respect as they are made acutely aware of the confidence the leaders have in their individual skills and contributions.

When the correct people are assigned to the correct tacks, the end results usually yield better than expected results because all concerned work harder to achieve a commonly set goal. This is probably because most people perform well when they are skillful at what they are doing.