Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tips for Making Friends: Step By Step Guide

For some making friends may come naturally but for others, it may be long and painful process. This is especially so if you are shy and socially awkward. Don’t worry if you are like that. Try reading our step by step guide on how to make friends.

Firstly, you got to put yourself out there. If you want to make friends, first you need to get out of the house. If you don’t put yourself out there, you are never going to have the opportunity to meet new people. So switch off the idiot box, get off the couch, put on something nice and start meeting people!

Secondly, you should join a social activity. Join classes that will enable you to know more people. For example, if you have always been interested in dancing, now is the time. Join a dance class. There you will be able to meet people who have the same common interest as you and you will be able to make new friends.

Thirdly join sports. You don’t have to be good to join a team. You could always sign up for basketball or tennis. You could then organise basketball games with your friends every week. In addition to keeping yourself tip top condition, you are also having an amazing bonding session with your team mates!

Fourthly, volunteer for a cause! Volunteering is a great way to meet new people while working towards a good cause. By working together with other people, you may meet others who have a passion for the things that you care about too. So what are you waiting for?

Lastly, when meeting new people, be a good listener. When somebody is telling you their story, don’t try and top their story by telling a story of your own. Listen intently when the person is talking and don’t interrupt them. Remember all the important details about them and ask questions about their interests. You will come across as a good listener which is an extremely sought after quality in a good friend.

So what are you waiting for, try these few steps yourself and start making friends!